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into how this Escort works, itll more than hold its own. Sorry, there are no results in your area. Other Hunting Equipment, shotgun Barrel Parts, rifle Parts for Marlin. Complete with a 3 magnum chamber thats more than capable of handling both lightweight competition loads and sizable cartridges that fall firmly into the FAC category, the Magnum proved itself to be extremely versatile; 50g BBs or 24g sub. Once youve chambered the first round, you must then keep the bolt release fully depressed to unlock the loading gate, something you must do for each additional round. Plus it would also make a good choice for those looking for a cheap yet reliable Practical Shotgun. That said, there is definitely a place for shotguns such as the Escort Magnum, an honest single barrel that purports to be nothing more than it is - a tough as old boots workhorse. Keep it clean, as with most gas operated semi-autos the smooth cycling of the gun is largely down to it being kept clean so that all the parts move as freely as possible. Local Dealer Results Show All, local Listing Results Show All, local Listing Results 0 Listings within 10 mi25 mi50 mi of and limited to state View All, invalid Zip, sell free Now!

Shotgun Barrel Parts for Winchester, rifle Sights for Marlin, lead Shot. You May Also Like, slide current_page of total_pages - You May Also Like. All Listings, auction, got one to sell? It also rather emphasizes that the Escort is at heart a tactical weapon with a design structure angled towards situations slightly more intense than a Sunday mornings Skeet layout. Hatsan has become one of the leading firearm manufacturers in North America for its well reputable durability, value, and products. Thats not to say its unreliable either. Should you buy this gun? And in any case replacement parts are easy to get your hands. A  number of changes have been made theres now a bolt release system thats integral with the feed plate.

This aspect also seems to be compounded by the Escorts weight distribution. Possible Variations, like the pump, the Magnum arrives in a large, colourful cardboard box eagerly displaying all the possible variations of the Magnum you can acquire in 12 or 20-bore along with the capacity variations. To release the bolt you simply push the centre of the floor plate. Tackling the first round of 30 birds ESP, the first and most lasting impression was how high the Magnum shot, to a degree even easy birds were passing by unscathed whilst the average trigger pull weight of 7lbs. The feeling of needing to pull the gun further back into your shoulder negated by the fact that theres nothing more to pull back, whilst the low comb does tend to leave your cheek searching for somewhere. With the choke changed to Cylinder soon improved mine and the Magnums combined performance, something that also reinforced the Escorts true purpose in life. But for 412 when equated to what the Escort Magnums capable of, the whole parcel has got to add up to one of the best practical and working package on the market. By their very nature, gas autos get dirty by the exhaust gas from the cartridge but they will work better if oil is smeared on the piston assembly. Once in position, you then need to ensure that the forend locates within the fixed shim on the lower part of the front of the receiver. It offers excellent value for money and you can rest assured that there is a sound back up warranty.


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Which is another major point in this guns favour. For most, the 21 gun will be the preferred model although with Section 1 paperwork, a magazine extension is available to give the Magnum a 71 capability, ideal for most practical and working situations. It will get dirty, but can easily be wiped off and renewed. Equally, with Full choke, long distance crossers or high overhead birds such as those a duck or goose shooter would encounter were despatched with ease. It may not be a true Turkish delight but if youre on a budget or want one of the most resilient 12-bores out there, Escorts Magnum takes a lot of beating. Loading up is reminiscent of that all time classic, the Browning. A while ago as some of you may remember, I took a close look at one of Hatsans Escort pump-action 12 bores. Well Proportioned, the well proportioned and vented forend slides neatly over the Magnums self-regulating gas system which in turn locates the 3 chambered, 28 fully anodised, nickel-chromium-molybdenum, chrome-lined barrel. With a wider choke and Express Supreme 9s starting in a gun-down stance, the short butt allowed for an extremely quick mount and shoot, with close range birds absolutely decimated.

With the Magnum mounted, theres a definite feeling of being cramped up around the gun, with the back of your thumb nudging against your nose, which is not ideal for the correct sight picture, or when using magnum loads. Problems can usually be fixed quickly and underpinning everything is a very comprehensive three year warranty covering mechanical defects from the distributors, Edgar Bros. If nothing else this diminutive dimension and overtly short synthetic stock emphasized the Magnums workman like intentions. The gun can also be had in a true left hand version. The manufacturers have been constantly tweaking the design. You can pick barrel lengths from 24in to 30in, wood or synthetic, camo patterned and 3in.1/2in chambers. Quick Reaction Force, what the overall lack of size does do is to improve the Magnums speed of use and handling abilities in the confines of a pigeon hide, or out of a 4x4 or if shooting gun down.

Assembly is achieved by first ensuring the bolt is in battery before sliding the barrel into place. Yes at times it does seem to clank during cycling and no, the Magnum isnt one of the most refined semis youll ever use. You also get a comprehensive three year warranty covering mechanical defects from Edgar Bros, the distributors. Its not entirely new and in fact it has been arriving in the UK in various forms for about a decade and several thousand have already been sold. Finished off with a simple brass bead sat on top of the high, vented 7mm rib, the gun comes with a full set of short interchangeable multi-chokes and a basic T shaped key to fit them. Tough and rugged kit, if youre thinking: Ive seen this shotgun before then youre probably right. To say it had an air of individuality would be an understatement, as a friend likening it to shooting with a vending machine. Lets face it, if youre looking for a semi-auto, 12-bore of this ilk, its probably not for use as a sporting weapon, the foreshore or pest and vermin control being its most likely purposes.

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If youre looking for a gun for rough shooting or wildfowling, then the Escort would make an excellent choice. Hide Local Listings, mc 0ms15801. Likewise, when tried with Express Max Game 50g BBs, 1s and 2s, the Magnum was surprisingly soft to shoot, the thick recoil pad and gas system combining to take the sting out of these high performance cartridges. OK so its no looker and wouldnt prove to be exactly at home around the clay layouts. A useful safety feature is the addition of a magazine cut-off button that allows you to remove a chambered cartridge but leave the other two in the magazine. Product Overview, overall rating: 85, hatsan Escort semi-auto shotgun, overview: Overview: Pros: Definitely the price.

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Please try a new zip code and search again. Distributed by the Edgar Brothers, the incredible design and high quality manufacturing of Hatsan shotguns, rifles, and airguns has garnered the attention of hunters and sportsmen from around the world. Once located, lock the bolt into its open position and the barrel will then slide fully home. Motor oil is best because its designed to take higher temperatures and does not burn away as quickly as light gun oil. And problems are generally fixed swiftly. This Turkish-built semi automatic has a price that gets it talked about. Guns for hatsan escort semi auto shotgun camo gchat pigeon shooting for under 500. Those two brands may be more reliable but then the Hatsan Escort semi-auto shotgun costs 33 less. About the time I was ready to test the Magnum, my friends at Bond Bywater commented that they just acquired themselves the magazine extension for their own example and wouldnt it be a good idea to try the gun in 7-shot guise.